Urgent Appeals

On this page we feature urgent appeals, please see below for details, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Pig Beds Appeal

23/02/17 -  Weʼre raising £5,000 to supply our old, rescued and delicate pigs with new comfy houses.

With over 150 saved and safe pigs in our care we need to update their houses to provide more cosy and warm, long lasting suitable homesteads.

Our pigs range from tiny little teacup pigs to large and heavy saddlebacks. Our pig friends arrive at any age and in family groups sometimes 20 at a time.

Our pigs are rescued from situations such as living in high rise flats, garden sheds, puppy crates, stray farm pigs and slaughterhouses.

Our old and delicate pigs need a quiet stress free environment, to meet their individual needs. Providing smaller areas with appropriate housing is our challenge to you.

Please help us provide ten pig palaces, our crowdfunding page is here.

Disabled Horses Paddock Appeal

25/04/16 - We have two blind horses, Jack who is 37 years old and Octavia who is 10 years old - Jack is totally blind and Octavia had lost an eye in an accident and her remaining eye has now lost its sight. We need to provide them with an interesting and safe environment - please can you help by supporting our Appeal?  

Our dear blind girl Octavia sleeping (video on our Facebook page)

Its a myth to believe that horses cannot function without their eyesight. Blind horses need time to adapt to its disability and to get used to their surroundings. Blind horses are prone to bullying and often find themselves at the bottom of the pecking order. We need to give them a familiar space with a companion so they can feel relaxed and less stressed.

The paddock needs to be adapted to meet their needs. It needs clearing of potential hazards like low tree branches. Fencing needs to be non barbed or post and rail, objects in the paddock like shelters and water troughs need to have different textures around them so the horses can recognise what's in front of them.

We need you to help us achieve our aim of providing a dream home for two very dear horses who have never needed you more.

To donate to help Jack and Octavia please visit our project page at


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