Animal Issues

"Free to a good home"

Please be aware that many animals offered as "free to a good home" on internet advertising websites can, and do, have horrific fates.

Please never try to rehome any animal in this way and warn your family and friends. 

Animal abusers are known to scour such websites for a supply of dogs to be used as 'bait' to train dogs for fighting or to be trained to fight, small animals such as mice, rats, hamsters and rabbits for live snake food, and animals are sought for breeding and by very disturbed people who get sick pleasure from the cruelty of torturing and killing them.

The Dangers of 'Free to a Good Home' 

Breeding Animals / Staffies

Three out of ten staffy puppies will not live to see their first birthday.

45% of the rest will not reach their third birthday. 

In the UK every minute a dog is put to death - over 90% are staffies or staffy-cross puppies.

Don't breed or buy while homeless animals die



While a visit to a circus or zoo is a short experience for us, seemingly a nice day out, please remember that for the animals it is all day, every single day, of their lives - 

in circuses endlessly performing the same 'tricks' over and over and over, kept in rudimentary conditions which just do not meet their needs, and sending out the entirely wrong impression that animals exist to entertain us rather than recognising each animal is a sentient individual who thinks and feels for themself...

in zoos animals are denied the natural habitat they need to meet their complex social, behavioural and physical needs, and again they are presented as existing for human entertainment rather than as thinking, feeling, sentient beings in their own right with their own needs and lives.

For more information about the harm to animals in circuses and zoos, and what you can do, please visit Captive Animals Protection Society 

School Hatching Projects

Many schools are agreeing to chick hatching projects - a company provides fertilized chicken eggs and an incubator to the school, the children watch and wait for the chicks to hatch. 

After a few days the chicks are taken away - they can be slaughtered after a few weeks, around 50% of the hatched chicks are male, cockerels, which are deemed useless so their lives can be considerably shorter.  What the schools are not telling children is that the chicks are being hatched to be killed.

The chicks hatch into noisy school environments and are handled by excited children - frightening, stressful and distressing for the chicks.

These hatching projects give children a distorted view of animals - that the chicks don't have and don't need mothers, that they are 'toys' for us to use, that the 'miracle of life' is disposable - and children learn nothing at all about the reality of these sentient beings' complex lives and needs and nothing about respect for others' lives.

Sometimes school staff try to save the chicks by giving them to animal rescues - which are already full, the senseless breeding of animals puts additional unnecessary pressure on sancturies - but the best option is to simply say no to these projects and instead use the many humane ways to educate children.


Public Aquaria

As with circuses and zoos, what may seem to be an entertaining day out for us is in fact a life sentence of misery for the intelligent, complex beings imprisoned in aquaria and marine parks.

The unnatural conditions and 'tricks' do nothing to conserve species nor educate us.

A study commissioned by CAPS found that 90% of UK public aquaria keep animals who display stereotypic behaviours, 79% of the animals had been taken from the wild and 98.2% of the animals do not belong to species classed as threatened.

Further, huge numbers of fish stolen from the wild for aquaria don't survive the journey, or die soon after arrival. 

Please don't buy a ticket for this suffering - for more details see What Are Aquaria  and  Blackfish & Seaworld  and  Sea Lies Campaign

Animals, Humans & Environment

Making the connection 


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