Latest Rescue Stories  

At The Retreat rescues occur constantly, we often have animals brought to us and we are out regularly collecting or saving animals. It would be impossible to list every rescued/saved animal here so we show a selection as examples of our work.

April 2018


One of our Easter rescues, little Nova the orphan, only 4 days old.

She’s taken to the bottle well and loves her carers.

What an amazing little girl and we are so grateful she’s with us.

Would you be a Buddy to Nova or any of our rescue animals?   



Ronnie arrived at The Retreat aged ten weeks. All his very short life he had been unable to stand and walk. Growing fast he'd started to get sores where he was not getting up.

Day one at our sanctuary he received physiotherapy and the use of a sling to help him stand. Day two the same treatment just a little more intense. By day three our wonderful boy was getting up on his own and walking around. Sometimes all it takes is a little TLC, love, devotion and Team Retreat.

January 2018

George Lamb

We received a call from a member of public who had come across a lamb with a terrible limp on a main road. George the stray lamb was miles from any other sheep and had no identification tags on him.

On arrival, George needed to see the vet who told us some devastating news - that his leg had an old break and there was very little we could do apart from amputation of the damaged limb.


A second opinion was that because George used the leg we should try physiotherapy. To our complete joy it worked and his life is almost normal now.

Thanks must go to our special Farm team who have worked so hard in helping George. 

Rhidri, Brock & Dewi

Meet Rhidri (left), Brock (middle) and Dewi (right), saved from slaughter on Wednesday 10th January at just 22 months old. These beautiful boys were saved by two amazing woman who would stop at nothing to ensure they were safe. The three boys have settled in very well and already have a girlfriend each. They are absolute gentlemen and we love them very much.. 



Dear Etty (at the back of the photo) was a worn out breeding ewe. She was spotted in a field looking unhappy and possibly in pain. The woman who spotted her went to the farmer to point out the poor sheep, the farmer handed her over and The Retreat was called. Poor Etty had a collapsed inner wall of the stomach and needed a very delicate operation.

Etty needed to be opened from one end to the other and was in the operating theatre for hours. Thankfully she responded well to the op and although still a little delicate we feel she’s out of the woods. What a lovely girl who was living in such misery. Special thanks go to her finder and the team of vets and nurses who saved her (Putlands veterinary clinic, Paddock Wood).


Just look at our beautiful Diamond. Poor Diamond's guardian could not get on top of her sore feet and were at their wits end. Diamond needed immediate vet and farrier care to help address her pain. Thankfully she is now on the mend and is really Diamond The Darling. We never turn our backs on animals in dire need, a massive thank you to all those who support our work. 



Little tiny Rainbow needed a rescue space when his human caregiver became ill. Rainbow is a real character and what he lacks in size he makes up for in personality. In the last few weeks we have taken in eleven horses and ponies. We are always grateful to our committed supporters and new donors who help us rescue more needy animals like Rainbow. Thank you from all of us at The Retreat.


Charlie & Alfie

Charlie and Alfie are just babies who only wanted their mums. 

Living rough since 20th December these boys were starving and freezing cold.

Both were seriously underweight and soaked to the skin.

So our amazing group of volunteer rescue workers set off in the pouring rain to kindly catch the terrified twosome.

Thankfully it didn’t take long and we soon had them in the warm, rugged up and well fed.

You may well ask who could do such a thing to two very young, defenceless and gentle creatures but this is not uncommon - just before Christmas saw seven foals dumped to die in a terrible state.

December 2017


Just look at poor starving Duke when he was first found stray on the streets of Bulgaria.

Thankfully his kind rescuer took him home but sadly no permanent home could be found for him - 

so The Retreat offered him sanctuary.

Duke is a wonderful and playful boy who just loves everyone. He’s not bothered life once let him down, just grateful for a place to run and be happy.

Please don’t buy animals from breeders (greeders), there are so many living on the streets who need a warm bed and a human family to love.

Chester and Buddy

Chester and Buddy were both found dumped in the same week but hundreds of miles apart.

Chester (left) was found at a beauty spot near Chester. It was freezing cold with snow on the ground and he just wandered up to his rescuers. Worn out and hungry he was grateful for the warm boot of the car to safely fall asleep.

Buddy (right) was seen running across a road and into a park. Thankfully the kind person who saw him decided to save him.

It’s not uncommon to find dumped piglets, they are usually the last of the litters not sold.

At The Retreat we are against breeding of all creatures not least because there are just too many to find good homes for already. Please don’t breed or buy whilst others die. 



This is Max (left) an ex-breeding goat who was very clever at escaping. Max would not stay in his enclosure so he had to be rehomed.

He’s already found love with Deidre (right) and it looks like a tale of Romeo and Juliet. They are often found curled up in the hay together.

Sometimes the simplest rescue turns into the love story of the century.



Trudy is one of a hundred recently rescued ex-egg-laying hens who have just arrived at The Retreat. Usually these young but worn out ladies would go straight to the slaughterhouse.

It only takes them a few months to rebuild their lives and start to return to instinctive behaviour they have been denied from birth.

They now love to hang out in small friendship groups displaying normal bird activities.

At The Retreat we promote hens to become companion animals and not backyard egg stores. Eggs are not food and they are not ours to take. We should be respectful to others and think of what the egg means to the hen, not consider it ours to take.

Have you ever  thought about a vegan diet free of misery, cruelty and very healthy for you too. 

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