Latest Rescue Stories  

At The Retreat rescues occur constantly, we often have animals brought to us and we are out regularly collecting or saving animals. It would be impossible to list every rescued/saved animal here so we show a selection as examples of our work.

February 2017


Here's our new group of chickens, saved by a supporter. Chickens are intelligent, loving and friendly but these, still only babies, would have been ready for the butcher by day 42 and not much later on the plate. Can you believe born to live a miserable life for just 42 days? So many ways to avoid animal products and help stop their suffering. 


The New Designer 'Pet'

Here's Mighty Moby, a 'pet' who lasted just 48 hours with his guardian. An impulse buy we are told.

We have all heard of teacup pigs, micro pigs,  mini pigs,  tiny pigs etc but the reality is these very intelligent creatures don't want to live in flats, shut in bathrooms or in puppy crates in the kitchen. 


They are still pigs and even if they don't grow to the size of traditional pigs they still have very natural instincts to root and roam and play with others of their kind.

Pigs, like all animals, need love and kindness and access to exercise all their natural behaviour in order to ensure they have a happy and fulfilled life.

Please contact The Retreat if you feel tempted to keep a companion pig, we can give you a full run-down from start to finish on keeping them.

Horse Rescue

Once again the horrors of uncontrolled overbreeding and inbreeding shows its ugly head. 

The Retreat was called to a field of dead and dying horses just next to the Ashford designer outlet.

Kent Online report

(left) The two survivors, 

Gracie and Libby, 

safely at The Retreat.

Only two weeks after their intakes Gracie started producing milk again much to Libby's delight and comfort  Their special treatment costs 85 a week without veterinary costs.

Already many young horses had given up and died of the cold and starvation, below are some of the horses we found dead in the field.


                    RIP beautiful souls

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