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On this page we mention, amongst other things, building work that goes on at The Retreat such as new fencing, new stable blocks etc. and we also like to pass on news about fundraising events that have taken place. These efforts, together with people donating money on a one off or regular basis ensure that the above mentioned work can go ahead as well as enabling us to care for the animals. We would like to thank everyone who raises money for The Retreat.

Be An Animal Buddy

01/01/17 - Maybe you've always wanted your very own horse, cow or pig, but don't have the space or the time...why not be a Buddy to one of our rescued animals and make a real difference.

Simply choose a sponsorship package that suits you and decide who you would like as your new animal friend. Being a Buddy means you receive updates on your new friend and also invites to come along as our guest and spend some quality time together.

  Please visit our new page Be An Animal Buddy for full details.

01/01/17 Huge thanks to everyone who supported The Retreat during 2016, your kindness and generosity made an immense difference to many, many animals.

Wishing you all a very happy 2017, please keep being part of Team Retreat!

Love from all the humans and animals at The Retreat Animal Rescue x

Xmas Fundraiser!

30/11/16 - Come along to The Retreat Christmas fundraiser Saturday 10th December 2016

7pm, Bexley Park Social Club, Calvert Drive, Dartford DA2 7GA

Two live bands, DJ, buffet. Tickets £10 each, under 12 years free

Please see our Events page for full details.  We hope to see you there!


05/10/16 - Ricardo needed a new home - here he is just after arriving at The Retreat. 

This special, kind boy who just wants to be loved is such a happy little fella. 

Special thanks go to Lesley for giving him his forever home. 

We Are On Instagram!

22/09/16 - You can now follow The Retreat Animal Rescue on Instagram -

here's the link to our account, hope to see you there!

Animal Issues

16/09/16 - We've added 'Animals, Humans & Environment' on our Animal Issues page.

"Animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution, and habitat destruction"

Happy Birthday Boys!

16/09/16 - Remember the pups Amos and Moby, taken to the vets at Christmas to be killed because they were born with a genetic sight problem?

Well here they are enjoying their first birthday! Amos, who is completely blind, and Moby, who is blind in one eye and partially sighted in the other, are having a ball! 

They are crazy, mad, normal active one year-olds and nothing holds them back.

August Family Fun Day!

04/08/16 - Come along to The Retreat Family Fun Day!

Sunday 28th August 2016, 12.00 pm - 4.00 pm

See Events for full details.

Animal Issues

26/07/16 - We've added information about public aquaria and 'sea' parks on our Animal Issues page.

You can also read scientific facts about the intelligence and complex mental and social lives of fish on the 'Fish Pain' website.

Meet Our Bovine Buddies   

14/07/16 - You can help support our important work and assist us in our efforts to be the rescuer, caregiver and advocate farm animals desperately need.

Please donate today - and if you sponsor an animal friend at The Retreat you will be welcomed to have up close and personal time with your new buddie...

come along, choose which of our wonderful animals you would like to sponsor and have lunch too!


Maidstone Vegan Festival

13/07/16 - The Retreat will be having a stall at the Maidstone Vegan Festival, Saturday 23rd July!

The event is open to everyone whether committed vegans or just curious to know more about this compassionate way of living.

Please come along for a fun day of food, music, stalls, children's activities, pop-up café and more - fun for everyone!

Special guest opens our cafe

11/07/16 - The Retreat's micro-cafe gets the official ribbon cut by Fiona Lundy Mills, director of VBites vegan food and restaurants and dear friend of The Retreat.

See our Retreat Cafe page for menu and price lists, we hope you will visit us soon.

New Website Page

06/07/16 - We have created a new page Animal Issues where we will add alerts about matters of concern to those who care about animals...

a new alert is to the often horrific fate of animals advertised as "free to a good home" on websites, please see our new page for details and warn your family and friends.

Waitrose Donation

03/07/16 - Huge thanks to Waitrose in Ashford for supporting The Retreat with a fantastic donation of £450. 

The Retreat Cafe

26/06/16 - Our cruelty-free micro-cafe is open 12 pm - 4 pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday every week. 

Lasagne, salads, quiches, seasonal soups, quarter-pounders, hot dogs, all-day breakfasts, toasties, healthy sandwiches and wraps, many side orders...or sit among friends with a tea or coffee and a slice of homemade cake.  Child friendly options, ice creams and lollies are available too.

See our Retreat Cafe page for more details and price lists.

Afternoon Tea at The Retreat

Come along for Afternoon Tea at The Retreat!

Saturday 9th July 2016, 12.30 pm - 4.00 pm

See Events for full details.

Disabled Horses Paddock Appeal

25/04/16 - We have two blind horses, Jack who is 37 years old and Octavia who is 10 years old - Jack is totally blind and Octavia had lost an eye in an accident and her remaining eye has now lost its sight. We need to provide them with an interesting and safe environment - please can you help by supporting our Appeal?  

Our dear blind girl Octavia sleeping (video on our Facebook page)

The paddock needs to be adapted to meet their needs - clearing of potential hazards like low tree branches, non-barbed fencing, and their shelters and water troughs need to have different textures around them...Jack and Octavia will then quickly learn where they are and what is in front of them.

For more details please visit

Thank you

Family Fun Day

6 -
Come along to our Family Fun Day, Sunday 29 May 2016.

See Events for full details.

Everyone falls in love with The Retreat...we hope you do too!

Lily's Kitchen

6 -
Our special thanks to Lily's Kitchen for the amazing donation of delicious cat food.


23/03/16 Lily's Kitchen and Sevenoaks Animal Feeds added to our Links page.

New video

31/01/16 -   Many of our dear parrots have spent many years in poor conditions, usually alone in a cage. At The Retreat our parrots find love and hope with others of their kind. Please sponsor one of our parrots for just £4 a month.

Happy New Year

Our huge thanks to everyone who supported The Retreat during 2015, your kindness and generosity made an immense difference to many, many animals - rescuing them from distress, providing veterinary care, food and shelter, safety and love.  Wishing you all a very happy and peaceful 2016, please keep being part of Team Retreat!  Love from all the humans and animals at The Retreat Animal Rescue x


16/12/15 - A Christmas kiss for Nelly.


16/12/15 - Sweet little Nelly looking good under her Christmas jacket.


16/12/15 - Darling Christo is getting in the Christmas mood.

Clothing bank

16/12/15 - We now have a clothing recyling bank...

please bring along any unwanted clothing, shoes, bedding, bags etc...

to help us raise much needed funds for the animals. 

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