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On this page we mention, amongst other things, building work that goes on at The Retreat such as new fencing, new stable blocks etc. and we also like to pass on news about fundraising events that have taken place. These efforts, together with people donating money on a one off or regular basis ensure that the above mentioned work can go ahead as well as enabling us to care for the animals. We would like to thank everyone who raises money for The Retreat.

Fundraiser Walk

23/04/15 - Supporter Anna Daw-Stopes is walking from Maidstone to The Retreat - 15.7 miles - to raise funds for our animals.  Anna said "I'm doing this walk because The Retreat took in my cockerel (because he hurt one of my hens) when no one else would, and after finding out they work to help these animals solely on donations I knew I wanted to help to raise money for the animals".

Please visit Anna's fundraising page for details of the walk and how to sponsor her.

 Anna with Booth, who is now living at  The Retreat.

New Video

23/04/15 -  Ester is now two weeks old, a beautiful baby girl born on Easter Monday. Ester's parents and further family were part of a mass rescue of horses who had been left to starve to death. 

New Video

24/03/15 -  Inside our wonderful pigeon mansion.

Recommended Reading

24/03/15 - We have added five books on our Recommended Reading page. 

We also recommend Cowspiracy: the sustainability secret - "a groundbreaking feature-length environmental documentary following an intrepid filmmaker as he uncovers the most destructive industry facing the planet today". (external link)


21/03/15 -  The story of Clarabelle, a rescued cow who remembered her babies had been stolen. (external link)

New Video

18/03/15 -  Ten ferrets came to The Retreat, see Latest Rescues.

Mothers' Day?

09/03/15 - 
Nine rescued lambs recently came to The Retreat...

please help them and all the motherless babies we save and care for by making a donation this Mothers' Day to support our lifesaving work.

New Video

09/03/15 -  Nine rescued lambs arrive at The Retreat.


09/03/15 -  For details of how to leave a legacy to The Retreat please contact us at

New Video

03/03/15 -  Talking donkeys having fun.

A Sad Goodbye

02/02/15 -  Many friends and visitors will remember our beautiful Jill, sadly we said goodbye to her yesterday after 17 wonderfully special years.

Jill arrived at The Retreat motherless at just ten days old, costing 12...

hand-reared, she soon grew into a beautiful, gentle, friendly girl, loved by all who met her.

Forever in our hearts 



Heather Mills

01/02/15 -  Our Patron Heather Mills, charity campaigner and vegan athlete, is competing in Channel 4's The Jump.

Keep up to date with Heather’s progress by following her on Twitter (@heatherofficial) and Facebook (heather.mills.official) and The Jump’s website 

New Video

28/01/15 -  Penny, one of our recently rescued sheep, and her newborn boy.

New Video

28/01/15 -  Our main group of pigs enjoying some treats.

Rabbits needing homes

07/01/15 - Two groups of baby brothers all looking for their new homes - around 6-7 months old and will be neutered in the next few weeks.

Preferably would like to go in pairs but could go as single if there is already another rabbit present in the new home. 

These guys have been here for a while now so if you can help by offering a loving forever home please contact us.

Happy New Year to all our supporters 

A huge Thank You to everyone who supported The Retreat during 2014, you made an enormous difference to our rescued animals' lives, many would not be here without your kindness, help and generosity. Wishing you all a very happy and peaceful 2015, love from all the humans and animals at The Retreat Animal Rescue

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