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On this page we mention, amongst other things, building work that goes on at The Retreat such as new fencing, new stable blocks etc. and we also like to pass on news about fundraising events that have taken place. These efforts, together with people donating money on a one off or regular basis ensure that the above mentioned work can go ahead as well as enabling us to care for the animals. We would like to thank everyone who raises money for The Retreat.


11/11/17 -  Please note that The Retreat is closed to visitors from 06 November 2017 until March 2018. How amazing this year has been! We have been overwhelmed with your kind words, action and support, and with your help we have rescued so many more needy souls who have no guardians, our huge thanks to you all.

Upcoming Events

12/10/17 -  Two upcoming events for your diary -

29th October 2017 - Back to the Eighties Night

4th November 2017 - Vegan Challenge

Our Café Closing for Winter

10/10/17 -  Our café closes for the Winter on Sunday, 5th November 2017.

Re-opens Spring 2018.

The Animal Sanctuary Lottery 

31/08/17 - The Animal Sanctuary Lottery has been created by Jacobs Ridge animal sanctuary for animal sanctuaries around the world.

This lottery is non-profit - 25% of funds raised are set aside as prize funds, 75% of funds raised are given directly to the sanctuaries that need it.

£1 per entry per week, click here for full details of how to play and help animals.


23/08/17 - Special thanks to Chas Newkey-Burden who is raising funds for our rescued animals by taking part in the Windsor Half Marathon 2017 on 24th September.

He says "I am running the Windsor Half Marathon for The Retreat Animal Rescue because they bathe animals in love".

Please support Chas by sponsoring him at  JustGiving Precious Days

Surprise Visitor

21/07/17 - On Tuesday 18th July we had a surprise guest at The Retreat. International YouTube sensation Joey Carbstrong popped in. Straight out of Vegan Camp 2017 (over 3,000 campers) with his friend Laura, they came to meet The Retreat residents and listen to their 'survivors' stories'.

Here's Irene telling her fan Joey her big story. Joey is an international blogger, his main aim in life is to spread the vegan message.


01/06/17 -  Please support this event fundraising for The Retreat Animal Rescue 

Jack Way - Betty's Boxing

Animal Sponsorship

21/05/17 -  Some very exciting news for June 2017 at The Retreat. All monthly sponsorships of £25 and over signed up from now to the end of June 2017 will receive a free coffee and slice of our yummy homemade cake at our beautiful café during their visit to meet their new friend. 

Don't delay become an animal  buddy today

See our Animal Buddy page for sponsorship details.

Kylie Tribute Show

11/04/17 -  Kylie Minogue Tribute Show fundraiser at The Retreat, Saturday 24th June 2017.

Tickets £8 in advance, £10 on the night.

Please see our Events page for full details.

Our Café Reopening

30/03/17 -  Our café reopens on Saturday 8 April, 12.00 pm - 4 pm

Come and meet the animals and enjoy delicious vegan food, see our Café page for more details.

Our Open Days 2017

7 -  
Make a note in your diary, our Open Days for 2017 are -

Sunday 28 May

Saturday 22 July

Sunday 27 August

Saturday 23 September

All are 12.30 pm - 4 pm, make a donation on entry. See Events for details.

School Hatching Projects

24/03/17 -  Please have a look at Animal Aid's ‘Hatching projects in Primary Schools’ page highlighting how these "have become a major problem" for sanctuaries who are asked to take the babies after they have hatched, which is overstretching already limited resources. 


We have previously raised awareness of this, and the lack of educational value for children, on our Animal Issues page.

Fiona and Myrna

02/03/17 - Fiona was rescued in 2016 and to our absolute delight gave birth to her final baby, Myrna, around midnight on Sunday 26th February.  Fiona and Myrna will get to stay together for the whole of their natural life span.

Cows are great mothers and herd animals so find it very depressing to have their babies continually taken away, there is a new scientific term for this - 'cancellation of hope'. Cancellation of hope affects all mothers who have their babies taken away time and time again, from farm animals to cats and dogs, small domestic animals, horse breeding establishments etc.

The Retreat re-opens at Easter so pop along and meet our very special little girl and her adoring mother - we look forward to seeing you.

Pig Beds Appeal

23/02/17 - With over 150 saved and safe pigs in our care we need to update their houses to provide more cosy and warm, long lasting suitable homesteads.

Our pigs range from tiny little teacup pigs to large and heavy saddlebacks. Our pig friends arrive at any age and in family groups sometimes 20 at a time.

Our pigs are rescued from situations such as living in high rise flats, garden sheds, puppy crates, stray farm pigs and slaughterhouses.

Our old and delicate pigs need a quiet stress free environment, to meet their individual needs. Providing smaller areas with appropriate housing is our challenge to you.

Please help us provide ten pig palaces, our crowdfunding page is here

Goats' Playground

23/02/17 - Special thanks to Danielle and Bryan for the start of our very own goat Alton Towers!


Yorkshire 100k Challenge

18/02/17 - Huge thanks to Adam Smith who is taking part in the Yorkshire 100k Challenge - a gruelling 30 hour trek, through day and night, which is not for the faint-hearted - raising much-needed funds for The Retreat animals.


Please give Adam your support by sponsoring him - and leaving an encouraging message! - at

Milo Update

29/01/17 - Do you remember Milo, the little kitten, age just around 5 weeks old, found in a garden in terrible pain and very traumatised?

Poor Milo was totally blind in one eye and the other was bulging in its socket, sadly both eyes had to be removed.

We didn't give up on him and lots of veterinery attention and our love and care later here he is, all grown up and loving life in his forever home - we are so happy for you Milo!

Thanks to everyone who makes financial donations to The Retreat, you make it possible for us to rescue animals in distress like Milo, together we save lives.

'Vegan Life' Article

22/01/17 - It doesn't take long to fall in love with a turkey especially one who's had such a lucky escape.  Malibu (left) is one of the kindest creatures you will ever meet. On meeting her she will purr, hum and coo to you in the gentlest tones.

She loves nothing better than spending her day under the apple tree awaiting a windfall. Malibu teaches her new family members how to peck, scratch and find new ways of breaking into the fallen apples. 

Life could have been so different for this young turkey chick. Although fully grown she was definitely still a baby with her blue eyes and high pitched calls. It still remains a mystery how or why Malibu was found wandering along a bypass in the middle of the afternoon.

When The Retreat's rescue team collected Malibu she had several injuries including cuts, grazes and bruising but nothing life threatening. No other birds were found along the bypass. 

Theories of how she got where she was range from being dumped, to being chased off by the hunt from a farm, or falling from a trailer transporting her to a slaughterhouse in time for the "festive season".  

Our dear Malibu was just so terrified of all humans her eyes would flicker with fear and she would hide in her house when we approached her. How could we repair this emotional damage? Malibu had every right to view humans with total horror for just being born a turkey is unlucky enough.

Slowly she listened to the kind sounds the other turkeys saved and safe at The Retreat would communicate to her. Here she could see relaxed and gentle birds living in harmony with humans. The older turkeys living at The Retreat helped her heal and grow in confidence and it wasn't long till she realised her human family had assets in the shape of treats, cuddles, hugs and love.

Within months Malibu was well on her way to recovery and fully settled into the hub of her new extended family. Now she's a special foster mum to all newly-arriving rescued chicks, showing them there is sometimes a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Malibu found hope in a little island of compassion called The Retreat. We have a simple motto which we live by...BE KIND, IT'S EASY.


Be An Animal Buddy

01/01/17 - Maybe you've always wanted your very own horse, cow or pig, but don't have the space or the time...why not be a Buddy to one of our rescued animals and make a real difference.

Simply choose a sponsorship package that suits you and decide who you would like as your new animal friend. Being a Buddy means you receive updates on your new friend and also invites to come along as our guest and spend some quality time together.

  Please visit our new page Be An Animal Buddy for full details.

01/01/17 Huge thanks to everyone who supported The Retreat during 2016, your kindness and generosity made an immense difference to many, many animals.

Wishing you all a very happy 2017, please keep being part of Team Retreat!

Love from all the humans and animals at The Retreat Animal Rescue x

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