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Happy New Year

Our huge thanks to everyone who supported The Retreat during 2015, your kindness and generosity made an immense difference to many, many animals - rescuing them from distress, providing veterinary care, food and shelter, safety and love.  Wishing you all a very happy and peaceful 2016, please keep being part of Team Retreat!  Love from all the humans and animals at The Retreat Animal Rescue x


16/12/15 - A Christmas kiss for Nelly.


16/12/15 - Sweet little Nelly looking good under her Christmas jacket.


16/12/15 - Darling Christo is getting in the Christmas mood.

Clothing bank

16/12/15 - We now have a clothing recyling bank...

please bring along any unwanted clothing, shoes, bedding, bags etc...

to help us raise much needed funds for the animals. 

New video

16/12/15 -  The boys find a puddle.

New video

16/12/15 -  Buddies playtime.

New video

15/12/15 -  Video of our ducks taking an early morning walk.

Xmas Fair 

15/12/15 - Many thanks to everyone who visited our stall at the Animal Aid Christmas Fair in Kensington, it was great day and so lovely to meet supporters old and new.

Mice needing homes

28/11/15 - At The Retreat we have a large number of mice needing good homes. This is Monty Mouse, a friendly boy needing a loving home. Mice are easy companions to care for so please contact us at if you can help.

Video of Monty Mouse

Rabbits need room!

28/11/15 - Try to give your rabbit friends the largest enclosure you can spare. Rabbits need other rabbits (neutered of course), places to rest and play, run and jump, dig and roll...and rabbits love night-time play...if rabbits could speak English they would say "Forget the hutch idea, you wouldn't put your cat in a hutch 24/7". 

Video of our rabbits


16/11/15 -  Video of Polo, so weak she could not stand, see our page Rescuing Polo.

Special Thanks

16/11/15 - Our very special thanks to Ben Sims for his amazing fundraising idea...Ben went off and climbed Mount Toukbahl, the highest mountain in North Africa!  Ben's climb is raising money for the animals currently at The Retreat and all the animals who will desperately need our help, to donate please visit Ben's page on JustGiving

Old/New tools needed

16/11/15 - Dear friends, at The Retreat we need your old - or new - tools. Anything, including hammers, screwdrivers, power tools, saws, work benches, step ladders, nuts, bolts, nails, and screws, etc - any odd DIY bits and bobs, which we can put to good use.


Contact us on

Alternatively send anything to The Retreat, Brickyard Farm, Cripple Hill, High Halden, Ashford TN26 3LJ.

Thank you

Amazing Rita

30/10/15 - The amazing Rita is still looking for a home - she has been here for two years! Rita has been overlooked several times (as she's black and white) despite her amazing personality. Please share to try to get her a home or if she tempts you email us or contact Scott Ludlow on 07403 244 429.
Thank you.

Saturday is our Halloween black cat open day

5 -
You are invited to our Halloween Open Day on Saturday 31st October from 2 pm to meet the black cats and all our other rescued animals, with delicious food and fun.  

Please contact Billy via email if you have any questions

Pigs deserve better

29/10/15 - Of course all animals should be loved and cherished, absolutely none should be seen as disposable items. 

Sadly, many species come into favour and soon find themselves desperate for a rescue placement....

it seems it's the pigs' turn now...

silly TV reality shows are promoting "micro pigs", and even rescue centres are rehoming pigs as 'pets' to house and garden homes - so it's not surprising 'pet' pigs now need our help. 

We have had pigs from every situation, high rise flats, back of shops on busy high streets, gardens, church yards, parks, slaughterhouses, motorways, airports, rubbish dumps, traveller camps, car parks and schools. You name it we have collected them from it.

We do not home pigs to people living in houses with ordinary gardens, that would be irresponsible. Even recently a woman living on a caravan park called to rehome a pig.

Pigs are intelligent creatures they belong in groups with lots to do - if you really love pigs and want one then it's time to either sponsor a pig at a rescue centre where you can go and spend time with one and get to know your pig...or provide a field, paddock, meadow or woodland home to a rescued pig.

Please dont buy from breeders, they just want your money. Pigs deserve better - be part of the "pig fund" and help with pigs like Ellie and Lottie (pictured) who were rescued from a 'pet' home gone terribly wrong.

Giveacar to raise funds for us!

5 - 
Did you know that you can donate to The Retreat by getting rid of your old car? Giveacar will collect the vehicle for FREE, scrap or auction it, and the money raised is sent directly to us for the animals. A scrap car donation raises an average of £50, which would help keep our animals warm and fed over the cold winter months.

Call 020 7736 4242, or visit Giveacar to arrange your free collection.

Giveacar take cars of any age or value and collect from anywhere in the UK.

New Video

19/10/15 -  Eric is six months old but the size of a newborn - see Latest Rescues.

Halloween Black Cat Open Day

5 -
Come along to our Halloween Open Day on Saturday 31st October from 2 pm to meet the black cats and all our other rescued animals, with delicious food and fun.

2016 Calendar

13/09/15 - Our 2016 calendar is now available, many thanks to Hayley Jupp Photography. 

To buy a calendar, £7 + £1.50 postage all profits are going to The Retreat, please message Hayley on Facebook 

For a sneak preview of the calendar go to our Videos page. 

Our new lake

5 -
We are creating a new lake at The Retreat!

Our special thanks to everyone who is making this fantastic project happen.

Buy the animals a round...

5 -
of hay... help us prepare for winter.

Each round of hay costs us £15. Hay provides food for so many of our animals.

Please support us by buying one to store for winter. Many thanks from Team Retreat.

Seven brothers update

5 -
 Our recently rescued pigs, seven young brothers, have settled in very well, here they are meeting some of the young team at The Retreat. These dear little souls will never be parted and will stay at The Retreat, loved and cared for all their lives.


5 -
Our wonderful Todd, the roadside foal, feeling better...

see how he rolls on our Videos page. 

Turkey Talk

5 -
Here are three members of our turkey family, whiling away the morning having a chat. 


5 - 
Graceful, older Minty came to The Retreat when his human mum needed to downsize her goat keeping. 

He's a true gentleman and has happily settled in with our goat family.

RIP Princess

Princess enjoying an afternoon sleep in the sunshine, this picture of her was taken around three weeks before she passed

Sadly, our beautiful, elderly lady has gone to Rainbow Bridge, Princess was dearly loved by so many, a truely wonderful soul who will be deeply missed.

Forever in our hearts



Feed the World

30/06/15 - This is what would happen to the planet if we ate less meat -

Eat for the planet (external link)

Children by Nature...

30/06/15 - are opposed to violence - 7-year-old doesn't want to eat meat (external video)

New Video

16/06/15 -  Some of The Retreat's special turkey family. 

New Video

12/06/15 -  Our special girl Abbey.

Hens needing homes

5 - Wonderful, kind ex-battery hens ready for adoption, these beautiful ladies will need a safe chicken house and run.

  Hens needing homes

Please contact us if you can help.

Fundraiser Walk 02/06/15

29/05/15 - Huge thanks to supporter Anna Daw-Stopes who is walking from Maidstone to The Retreat - 15.7 miles - on 02 June 2015 to raise funds for our animals.  Anna said "I will walk from my home in Maidstone to The Retreat Animal Rescue which is based in High Halden just outside of Ashford, I will have three stop points to sit to have something to drink and maybe eat. I will be meeting up with The Retreat's owner to walk through the village, hopefully some kind people will donate as I'm walking.  Thank you for reading and thank you for donating".

Please visit Anna's fundraising page for details of the walk and how to sponsor her.

New Video

28/05/15 -  Todd's first time in the hospital garden, see Latest Rescues.


5 - "House of Cards" star Kate Mara Promotes Meatless Monday (external link)


Help name our pigs

5 - Today we drove 80 miles to collect two pigs from a slaughterhouse. 

These two wonderful chaps were spared due to them being very tame. Whatever the reason, two of the luckiest creatures alive right now. 

Please help us name them, both are young adult males, possibly brothers. 

We are desperately trying to raise £600 to fence our new pig field, all it will take is 600 people donating a single £1 - visit our Donations page for the many easy ways to donate, including via a text from your mobile phone...100% of your donation goes to us, there's no cost to you for sending the text message and your free allowance/bundle won’t be deductedSpecial thanks, the Pig Fund.

John Robbins

07/05/15 - Author John Robbins' video 'Anything wrong with eating animals?(external link)


5 - Our dear friend Mandy Rossi, Ashford Green Party PPC/co-chair, visited The Retreat to see the animals on Monday. 

Books Wanted

07/05/15 - The Retreat would like your unwanted books to trade for funds to support our rescued animals. Spring is a very busy and costly time with so many babies. Please bring your books to us at The Retreat, Brickyard Farm, Cripple Hill, High Halden TN26 3LJ.  Please email us - - for any further details. Many thanks.

Help Us Win!

27/04/15 - Please help us win free haylage for our rescued horses.

The company Silvermoor is running an initiative whereby each month three charities have the chance to win a whole pallet of haylage, one of our fabulous supporters has kindly nominated The Retreat so please vote for us to win!

How it works/How you can help The Retreat - visit the Silvermoor's Facebook site and click on the link to their survey where you can vote...the survey will be open for one week and then the charity with the most votes wins the pallet of haylage, which will be delivered free of charge.    

The only prerequisite to voting is for participants to have liked the Silvermoor haylage Facebook page. Only one vote will count per person.

Fundraiser Walk

23/04/15 - Supporter Anna Daw-Stopes is walking from Maidstone to The Retreat - 15.7 miles - to raise funds for our animals.  Anna said "I'm doing this walk because The Retreat took in my cockerel (because he hurt one of my hens) when no one else would, and after finding out they work to help these animals solely on donations I knew I wanted to help to raise money for the animals".

Please visit Anna's fundraising page for details of the walk and how to sponsor her.

 Anna with Booth, who is now living at  The Retreat.

New Video

23/04/15 -  Ester is now two weeks old, a beautiful baby girl born on Easter Monday. Ester's parents and further family were part of a mass rescue of horses who had been left to starve to death. 

New Video

24/03/15 -  Inside our wonderful pigeon mansion.

Recommended Reading

24/03/15 - We have added five books on our Recommended Reading page. 

We also recommend Cowspiracy: the sustainability secret - "a groundbreaking feature-length environmental documentary following an intrepid filmmaker as he uncovers the most destructive industry facing the planet today". (external link)


21/03/15 -  The story of Clarabelle, a rescued cow who remembered her babies had been stolen. (external link)

New Video

18/03/15 -  Ten ferrets came to The Retreat, see Latest Rescues.

Mothers' Day?

09/03/15 - 
Nine rescued lambs recently came to The Retreat...

please help them and all the motherless babies we save and care for by making a donation this Mothers' Day to support our lifesaving work.

New Video

09/03/15 -  Nine rescued lambs arrive at The Retreat.


09/03/15 -  For details of how to leave a legacy to The Retreat please contact us at

New Video

03/03/15 -  Talking donkeys having fun.

A Sad Goodbye

02/02/15 -  Many friends and visitors will remember our beautiful Jill, sadly we said goodbye to her yesterday after 17 wonderfully special years.

Jill arrived at The Retreat motherless at just ten days old, costing £12...

hand-reared, she soon grew into a beautiful, gentle, friendly girl, loved by all who met her.

Forever in our hearts 



Heather Mills

01/02/15 -  Our Patron Heather Mills, charity campaigner and vegan athlete, is competing in Channel 4's The Jump.

Keep up to date with Heather’s progress by following her on Twitter (@heatherofficial) and Facebook (heather.mills.official) and The Jump’s website 

New Video

28/01/15 -  Penny, one of our recently rescued sheep, and her newborn boy.

New Video

28/01/15 -  Our main group of pigs enjoying some treats.

Rabbits needing homes

07/01/15 - Two groups of baby brothers all looking for their new homes - around 6-7 months old and will be neutered in the next few weeks.

Preferably would like to go in pairs but could go as single if there is already another rabbit present in the new home. 

These guys have been here for a while now so if you can help by offering a loving forever home please contact us.

Happy New Year to all our supporters 

A huge Thank You to everyone who supported The Retreat during 2014, you made an enormous difference to our rescued animals' lives, many would not be here without your kindness, help and generosity. Wishing you all a very happy and peaceful 2015, love from all the humans and animals at The Retreat Animal Rescue