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Become an Animal Buddy

by Standing Order

Will you be a Buddy to one of our rescued animals and make a real difference?

Friendships are made at The Retreat and never forgotten!


Maybe you've always wanted your very own horse, cow or pig but

don't have the space or the time needed to fulfil that dream.

At The Retreat we have over 1,000 animals and all need a Buddy...and it's easy...

simply take out a sponsorship package that suits you and 

decide who you would like as your new animal friend.


Being a Buddy means you receive updates on your new friend and

also invites to come along as our guest and spend some quality time together.

Having a Buddy really makes a difference to the animals living at The Retreat.

It's a win win situation - you get an amazing new friend and

your Buddy's future is secured by your kind and generous support.

Pick your Buddy below!


& Rabbits




& Sheep



& Ponies



& Cows

Download the form that suits you most, then complete and return to us by post or email.

Thank you so very much!

We believe all animals deserve to be equally treated and free. 

We strive for a vegan world where no animal suffers and all live a happy life.

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