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Rescue Stories: Before & After


Champ was a stray dog on the streets of Bahrain. The police had shot him and left him for dead. With bullet wounds, maggot invested injuries, tick fever and a starved weak body condition it’s the biggest surprise he’s still with us today. On top of all this local children threw rocks at him and eventually he collapsed. He spent months at the vets but will suffer with some long term issues due to the bullet fragments. His rescuer is a very kind woman who got him to The Retreat.

Della the Fox

This poor little Fox was found with multiple broken bones. After her surgery she needed intense nursing and care. In time she will be released back to her family area.

Diane's family

Here’s Diane and her family; one of a group of stray pigs found in a local woods. Sadly two heavily pregnant females with their last litters and an adult Male. Some of the babies had been killed crossing the road and by local dogs. Thankfully this time Diane had her family in the safety of The Retreat. Local people wanted to shot them, some even joked of eating them. 


Poor Ranger was found close to death-starved and chained to an old pallet. This poor boy had just been forgotten about. This is not uncommon for animals to receive little to no love or kindness. Thankfully Ranger was rescued and now lives with other dogs and a very loving family


Silver was only a newly hatched chick when she arrived at a The Retreat. She was rescued from an industrial turkey farm. A prison and early death for over 30.000 turkeys. Thankfully for silver she was born with half her face missing and a worker felt sorry for her. Now a big girl and enjoying the sun on her back and room to move freely and happily.