Thrift Shop

We sell anything from clothes, shoes or home decor to even cars. Yes! We've sold a very kind gentleman's unwanted used car which helped us tremendously.

So whatever you have unwanted, we welcome it!

Please bring your stuff to us and we'll happily sell them at our Thrift Shop. 

Why is Thrifting good?

It's good for the planet, as we buy less new stuff thus creating less waste. 

It's good because we donate our unwanted stuff to be sold for a greater cause instead of creating more waste.

It's good for the pocketA second-hand garment costs far less than a brand new one. Plus, it's cool to wear vintage <3

To sum up; it's good for the animals here, the planet and for us!

A win-win-win!

So whatever you have unwanted, please bring it with you during your next visit at The Retreat.

Or if you are looking for something, you never know - it might be waiting for you here!

Get your 2020 calendar !!

Get your very own 2020 calendar of The Retreat

during your next visit - look for them in our Thrift Shop

or get in touch with your full name, full address and number of calendars you'd like to get at


Price: £10 per calendar

+ shipping (if ordered online)

All funds will help support our lovely animal residents


Let's double in size

With 1,250+ animal residents and 20,000+ animals saved over our 30 years of operation, there's land on sale next to The Retreat and we have to double in size so we can help many more animals! For them.
All they need is your help <3

HELP us help them AT:


We Need Your Support Today!

The Retreat Animal Rescue & Sanctuary
est. 1989

The Retreat

Brickyard Farm, Cripple Hill
High Halden, Kent, TN26 3LJ, UK


For generic enquiries:

+44 (0)7514 114613

For animal rescue emergencies:

+44(0)7720 495238

Registered Charity: 1105654

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Free Entry & Parking


Thursdays 12:00 - 16:00

Fridays 12:00 - 16:00

Saturdays 12:00 - 16:00

Sundays 12:00 - 16:00

(March to November every year)

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The Retreat offers much needed support to all animals - farmed, domestic and wild.

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