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Book: Earth Boy

Earth Boy

by Billy Thompson

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In this unforgettable book, The Retreat's founder Billy Thompson, shares the story of a life driven by compassion and care for all creatures.

Having had an affinity for animals his entire life, Billy has found that animals needing help have somehow found him over the years - beginning with feral cats, unwanted dogs and even a pony brought to safety on a bus. This book tells some of the hundreds of Billy's stories, including tricky situations, unlikely friendships and many, many rescues, all driven by ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

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All proceedings go to the animals in need.

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This book is a fabulous read of a heartwarming autobiography of a life of an incredible man who started with his love for animals to creating a sanctuary for all animals that need help. The road of love, friendship and heartache is heart felt and inspiring and is a good must read for all.

~ Daniele S. ~

This is one of the most heartwarming books I've ever read. I'm not usually one for non-fiction, but the compilation of stories in Earth Boy made this incredibly readable. Some of the stories of Billy's life in animal rescue are sad, some are utterly fascinating, and so many are absolutely hilarious! I laughed so hard picturing many of the incidents that Billy gets himself into in Earth Boy. The flies, Suki the goose, and Stanley are some of my favourite moments from this incredible man's history. I've heard he is writing another book, and I can't wait to read it!.

~ Robbie L.

This book will take you on a fantastic journey. I loved learning about the history of Billy Thompson, the kindest soul I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He set up the Retreat Animal Sanctuary in Ashford, Kent. A safe haven for thousands of rescued animals. I laughed, cried and smiled my way through. Read in one sitting as I was unable to put it down. What an absolute LEGEND you are Billy and your amazing family, hubby and friends!!! Thank you so much for being you. 💚

~ Bexie M. ~

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